25 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

          I found this information on The WordStream Blog.  They explain to you 25 ways you can increase traffic to your website.  I think there are some pretty good traffic tips listed in their WordStream blog.

          There are too many internet marketers out there struggling to get traffic. How many people out there with really good websites, will never get enough traffic to get their ideas out to the public?

           How many people stuck at 9 to 5 jobs, struggling to make money online, because they can’t get enough TRAFFIC?  The world needs more people who would create an article like this that could help the struggling moms out there trying to make money online.

           High quality, permanent, targeted free traffic is the best type of traffic you could get. It’s hands free and pure ROI. I highly recommend WordStream to anyone reading this post, who needs traffic for their business website, blog etc..


Get More Traffic to Your Site

With TrafficBoost you visit websites to earn free points to increase more traffic to your websites or blogs.

1.Sign up, add your website for free and get 500 bonus points.

Assign some points to your listing. Visitors earn these points from you when they visit your website.

2. Attract visitors

TraffBoost users prefer to visit websites that offer more points.

Assign more points to receive more visitors and display your listing on top in search results.

3. Collect points

Your website is visible as long as you still have points.

Visit other websites on TraffBoost to earn free points or buy points pack to keep your website visible.


You Can Share Your Blog Posts and Get a Boost on Traffic

CoPromote was built for creators by creators. Before you share via CoPromote ask yourself if your content is: informative, inspiring, entertaining, visually appealing, or compelling, and well-presented. The more original content you have on your page, the better you’ll do on CoPromote.

CoPromoters are all on social media to promote our creations – a song, a blogpost, a book. Just as you wouldn’t ask someone to follow you without giving them a reason, don’t simply tell people to listen to your song, or read your blogpost – show them why and give them a reason to share it.
Remember: you are asking for space on someone’s timeline, where they engage with their friends and followers, manage their reputations, and grow their brands or businesses. Make your request worth their generosity and you will succeed – not just on CoPromote but in social media as well. Not sure if your content is a good fit? Look at what you can and can not share;

Content You Can Share on CoPromote

  • Music – songs, mixes, demos
  • Podcasts: talk shows, spoken word
  • Photos, Videos, and Animation – art, humor/pranks, How-To, DIY, beauty, fashion, Vines, GIFs, graphic design, illustrations
  • Books: Novels, Short stories, self-published fiction, comics and graphic novels, essays, blog posts, critical reviews, think pieces
  • Causes: information about charities, non-profits, NGOs, crowd-funding, social awareness
  • Health & Well-being: training tips, lifestyle coaching, diet/cooking tips, psychological services
  • Entertainment or educational websites
  • Apps and Games
  • News, Finance, and Polls.
  • Contests  that require skill and submission of original content for judging

Content You Should Not Share on CoPromote:

  • Spam, phishing, pyramid schemes, Ponzi schemes, get rich quick/make money at home offers
  • Direct or affiliate sales, sales landing pages, SEO pages, multi-level marketing
  • Selling guaranteed/fake followers/views, music or video plays
  • Diet pills, male enhancement, miracle cures and other questionable health products
  • Content that promotes hate, violence, or discrimination
  • Black hat content that is loaded with SEO keywords and aimed at search engines and not human readers
  • SEO of any kind
  • Content from bots, or accounts with excessive fake followers or low engagement
  • Adult/NSWF/XXX content
  • Illegal activity
  • Content deemed inappropriate by the CoPromote staff or community
  • Sweepstakes that do not require skill or submission of content to be judged

Ready to start boosting and sharing?     https://goo.gl/G3LDyg


I have a hard time relating to people in person nowadays, but I don’t have the same problem when it comes to social media.  I have many more contacts than I can count.  I am in so many sites, I can’t remember all of them.   I live a peaceful existence with my animals.  I am planning a garden this year.  I just hope I can keep the weeds out better than the last time I tried. It seems I’m into so many things at once.  I am not used to living such a sedentary life as I’ve been living this past year.  I’ve been working since I was a kid.  Maybe that’s why my body is breaking down.  I’ve been researching natural cures and buying herbs, shrubs, trees and vines to use for medicinal purposes.  I have alleviated my chronic back pain with herbs and spices, from cayenne to wheatgrass. I have increased my knowledge of many subjects. I need to find a natural cure to use instead of Levothyroxine that I need to take for my nonexistent thyroid. I had a goiter that was irradiated with radioactive Iodine treatments in 1995.  In a way I wish I still had it, because I had energy in abundance.  I could eat anything and as much as I wanted,  still staying thin.  Now I am the opposite.  I get fat on little food and I have little or no energy.